Update on the Adventures

It has been a couple of very busy weeks. Since this is a start-up, I am still working and finishing my Master of Science Degree while maintaining the shop. I do hope that one day I can fully concentrate on the shop and fountain pens and inks. We do have a couple of new additions since my last entry here. We managed to get the whole Rohrer & Klingner colour range as well as a lot of the Diamine inks. Rober Oster Inks finaly made it to our shop from Australia and we added a couple of new KWZ colours as well.
This month I am very happy about the Pelikan bundle, on the other hand it frustrates me that big online resellers are selling fountain pens for half the price the manufacturarer is  suggesting. To not have such a big problem with this issue, I will have something completely different in the fountain pen range for next month. We will add some DeArtramentis inks as well and Faber Castell will get added to inks and ink samples too.
Everything is just so fast growing, so I promisse to work on my Blog writing skills and post more often about our upcoming items and changes.

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