Time just flies by


As you can tell I am pretty bad when it comes to Blog Posts. 


It was such a busy time lately that I could not squeeze in some writing time. 


So this will be a flash-back in a glance thing.


We added so many new items like Krishna inks, new Robert Oster inks, some Lamy pens and converters and a couple of Noodlers inks. We also added OPUS88 with their lovely fountain pens. 


The thing that really got it going was probably the new Diamine German exclusive inks: Skull & Roses, Calligraphy Passion and November Rain. 


Those are just flying off the shelf lately, but we Keep restocking them. 


As well we got so much Feedback about the way we ship and how awesome it is to have affordable shipping all around the globe. That is actually one of our main Goals. For you it should be less expensive and you should have the choice of tracking or not. So that’s what we offer. 


Another big step lately is that we will be a seller for TWSBI. That is huge for us. 


So many amazing Things Happening. I hope you are all enjoying the ride as well, because we could not do it without you. 


We also get asked a lot if this is part time or full time. Well it is full time in our part time. We still have our regular full time Jobs that we work at and everything for Fountainfeder is the free time after. 


Anyway I hope you all have a fantastic summer day and are just as excited about all the new stuff as I am. 




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    Larry Berrones (Thursday, 27 September 2018 02:37)

    Steffens, Larry here are you the fellow who is selling the Skull and Rose? I need a bottle.
    Thanks Larry

  • #2

    Fountainfeder (Thursday, 27 September 2018 06:34)

    Hi Larry, Steffi here. I am the fellow that sells Skull and Roses. We just sold out, but I already ordered more. It should be restocked soon. Have a Wonderful day. Steffi

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    Camen Fuchs re: Skull and Roses (Friday, 28 September 2018 03:07)

    Please send a message when I can order another large bottle of Diamine Skull and Roses.
    Thank you,
    C Fuchs