Milka Chocolate and thank you notes

I recently get more and more questions why we do things the way we do them. We also get compared to other big Players in the Business, which is lovely but not what we intend. I was acutally laughing about a social media post where someone mentioned us and said, that the customer Service from a US Company has finally arrived in Europa. This is nice but weired in the same way. Neither do I intend to copy "customer service" nor did it have to "arrive in Europa". There are several awesome fountain pen companies in Europe that have been doing an awesome Job for decades already. I am glad however that the word about it made it to the US ;-). 

So here is our Story behind the Milka and handwritten thank you notes. 

When this whole Adventure of fountainfeder started I did a trial bundle with a handwritten letter. I wanted to know what People thought would fit best to our Company and the bundles. There was a choice of german tea or Milka. Obviously Milka did win the race. I never planed on the notes, but the Feedback towards the handwritten letter was so great that I thought I should keep it.

The whole idea of sending a treat along with the order came to mind when I ordered with a well known German Company that has been in Service for 130 years. They do offer awesome customer Service and include a small pack of Gummibärchen in their orders.  It just makes the whole experience so much better. Since I am a fan of snail mail and well fountain pens and everything connected with it, we also put real stamps on most of the orders. Writing letters and putting on real stamps seems to be a lost art, which with our small contribution, we are trying to keep alive. I am sure that all of you agree that the real stamps on your orders make the experience of receiving orders even  more lovely. 


So yes, of Course we will keep doing Milkas and handwritten notes. Yes we will keep the stamps on packages if possible. Can't really put stamps on packages, sorry. Why do we do it? Because it is nice and I Always want it to be the way, I myself would enjoy to receive it. 


Have an inktastsich day lovely fountain pen people


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