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I recently got more and more Questions about our shipping Prices and how we manage to offer international shipping for only 4 Euro. 

So this might be a bit of a long post but bear with me.

One of our main business goals is to provide affordable shipping to everyone all around the world. Before we started the whole Fountainfeder adventure I did spend weeks of figuring out if it is even possible to ship items all around the world for less than 10 Euro. So I did compare different companies and providers for their shipping rates. Since the average ink and pen does not weigh more than 1kg, an order consisting of 2 inks and 2 pens would be still below 1kg. 

The average order of a fountain pen lover is 2-4 bottles of ink and a pen or samples. 

Of course it varies and there are smaller and larger orders. 

Anyway long story short, Deutsche Post has the cheapest possible way of sending items below 1kg all around the world.


Packages up to 1kg ( 4 x 80ml Diamine, 8 Robert Oster bottles, a lot of Fountain pens, unlimited samples etc.) with a dimension of height, length and width not more than 90cm are considered “Maxi Brief” and can be shipped for the letter rate. Which is pretty sweet. So below 500gr items ship for 4 Euro. Below 1kg they ship for 7 Euro. If wanted tracking can be added for 2.50 Euro and it works just like a package.

We wanted to be able to offer a choice to our customers if they want to pay extra for tracking or not, so it can be added at the add on section.


Everything 1kg and up is handled by DHL as a Package with tracking. Same service just a different company. Well actually not even that, but this would be a total different story.

As you can tell, there is nothing scatchy going on with our shipping prices. We just validated our goals and found a company that meets our standards and need. A huge plus is, that all orders up to 1kg get shipped with real stamps. That makes receiving an order even more special.


We are very knowledgeable when it comes to national and international shipments and know what we do. So far we shipped more than 2000 packages all around the globe and have not lost one. Can you believe it?? Sometimes untracked shipments take a wee while and the longest one just recently travelled was 6 week. Usually it takes 7-12 working days.

Well know that I told you our “secret” about our shipping prices you just know that we really know what we are doing and how we can provide the best service at a reasonable price, without adding to or increasing product prices or just topping off shipping prices.


We hope we can keep offering those amazing conditions with real stamps for a long time and appreciate your questions. Keep asking and interacting with us, absolutely love it.








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