The red fountain pen adventure

During a little down time, I figured it would be about time to do a coloured themed post of all red fountain pens. 

I was thinking about it already for a while, but never expected it to be so so many.  I only wanted to do a shot for an instagram picture, but since there were so many of them, it was necessary to link them somewhere to tell you which one is which. 

Check out the list below and the additional pictures. Are you a fan of red pens as well?


Left to right: 


Kaweco Classic Sport Red


Kaweco Ice Sport Red


Sailor Shikiori Yodaki (Burgundy)


Opus 88 Koloro Red


Sheaffer VFM Red


Pelikan Twist Red


Pilot Metro Red


Sailro Pro Gear Slim Supernova


TWSBI Eco Blossom Red


TWSBI 580 AL Rose


Pelikan M205 Star Ruby


Platinum Preppy Red


Platinum Prefounte Crimson Red


Cross Bailey Coral


Diplomat Aero Red


Waterman Grad Allure Red


Diplomat Magnum Burned Red


Herlitz My.pen Coral


Super 5 Australia


Kaweco AL Sport Red


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