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About Fountainfeder

Hello Servus and welcome to our start-up fountain pen shop.

We started this journey because we where always stunned by the expensive shipping cost of fountain pens and related items from the rest of the world. Most of the time we did not order because shipping was more expensive than the products we wanted.

Our idea is to offer free world wide shipping on our bundles.  Our bundles are the unique selling point, especially designed for fountain pen lovers around the world. It is a monthly bundle with common and uncommon fountain pens and related items. They ship without extra charge around the world.
As well we worked out some very decent shipping charges for international and national shippments. We ship ink samples for only 4 Euro all around the world and there is no limit on how many you can order.
We are trying to offer low shipping charges combined with a safe way of delivery, so fountain pens and related items are easy to get for everyone around the world.

Besides the Fountainfeder we are bouth working full time. So please keep that in mind when ordering with us. We ship pretty fast, but we do not make a living with the store. Actually we just like to provide fountain pen items to everyone ;-)


Stefanie Kahl
Denklingerstrasse 14, 86129 Epfach
Telefon: +49 1715279998

UstID: DE316395792
Email: fountainfeder@outlook.com
Internet: www.fountainfeder.eu