13. December 2017
Hunting pens and buying inks. Thats what we do ;-)

20. September 2017
I do not even know where to start with this Blog Post. Organics Studio inks arrived and Walden and Nitrogen was gone within 48 hours. This was a pretty amazing experience for us as well, since we never had such a run on inks like this one. We must admit that Nitrogen and Walden are indeed true sheen monsters and we totaly get the whole freanzy about them. We already put in another order with Organics Studio to get some more Nitrogen and Walden so everyone will be able to get one. While we are...

02. September 2017
After returning from my business trip, I figured that I never did Inkswabs of the Diamine Shimmer inks we have in the shop. Since the sun was out, which is pretty rare in nothern Germany ;-), I decided to get right at it. I was so amazed by how much the shimmer. They shimmer even more than J.Herbin Emerald. I was so amazed that I put in an order right away to get the rest of the shimmertastic inks from Diamine. Can't wait for them to arrive. Update on the Organics Studio order is, that it...

21. August 2017
August has been a busy month so far. Between business trips, work and university we are still managing to keep the shop up and running, as well as shipping out orders within 10 hours of receiving them. We are expecting an Organic Studio Order this month as well and I am more than exited. Of course we ordered the Nitrogen ink from the Element Series. So stay tuned, because it will be gone in no time

12. August 2017
New Inks inbound for insamples and per bottle. Neue Tinten sind angekommen für unser Tintenproben Sortiment und als Flaschen

26. July 2017
DeAtramentis inks arrived at our doorstep

23. July 2017
The Adventure just began

31. May 2017
It was such a inktastisch day today. The super5 pens and inks arrived in the morning and I was able to get all the preordered bundles packed and shipped them already. As well I categorized the inks and put those lovely colours up for inksamples. They are not just water resistant but water proof inks in some realy unike colours. Even though it probably does not look like it, but doing ink swatsche, samples and writing samples of pens takes the longest. Almost took all day between doing other...

30. May 2017
I am brand new to the whole blog world and actually don't no much about it all. However I think it is a summary of crazy things that happen. Since our journey of Fountainfeder started not even two months ago we had some amazing times. We are awaiting an order of Robert Oster from Australia with a bunch of new colours. Today we received an order from Rhodia and Clairefontaine which was so exiting. Since we are not just buying stuff for good, we also had some orders, which is still a party...

25. May 2017
The shop is starting to grow and we are waiting on orders to arrive. So much to do and so much to see it is unbelievable. I am most exited about our Robert Oster Ink Order which will hopefully arrive in no time. As well we have a huge Rhodia and Clairefontaine order inbound which should be here any day. While we are waiting on great paper and inks, we are still working on the layout of the homepage and the shop as well, which is a taff cookie for us ;-). Let us know if you have any suggestions...