Ink review · 22. March 2020
Grey ink comparison

Ink review · 22. March 2020
Overview of all 25 Diamine Inkvent Inks

General information about all Kaweco pens currently offered.

25. December 2019
During a little down time, I figured it would be about time to do a coloured themed post of all red fountain pens. I was thinking about it already for a while, but never expected it to be so so many. I only wanted to do a shot for an instagram picture, but since there were so many of them, it was necessary to link them somewhere to tell you which one is which. Check out the list below and the additional pictures. Are you a fan of red pens as well?

24. October 2018
Ink-status: It is complicated

Fountain pen reviews · 06. September 2018
A lovely review of the TWSBI GO! of the very talented Kathryn. Let us know in the comments if you liked it and if you have any further Questions

21. August 2018
I recently got more and more Questions about our shipping Prices and how we manage to offer international shipping for only 4 Euro. So this might be a bit of a long post but bear with me. One of our main business goals is to provide affordable shipping to everyone all around the world. Before we started the whole Fountainfeder adventure I did spend weeks of figuring out if it is even possible to ship items all around the world for less than 10 Euro. So I did compare different companies and...

21. August 2018
Last week was a pretty busy week. I was away for work and Alper was home taking care of the shop, Simba and his work which all together by yourself can get pretty busy at times ;-). While I was away so many new items arrived. We got a couple of new Diamine inks and added 5 new ones to the regular line and two Shimmer ones.

12. August 2018
Why do we do it, the way we do it

01. August 2018
So many new items in so Little time.

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