Monthly bundle

Every month we offer a new pen/paper/ink bundle of different kinds
It contains a variety of products and only the main items will be named. The rest will remain a little secret until you get your order. Unless the offer is such a good deal that we have to tell you everything about it ;-)

Traveller Bundle

February Traveller Bundle consists of a Online Pen Rolle, the Rhodia Carrè No.148 and two Mimeysys in A5 and A6 grid. Perfect paper transport bundle for on the go and travelling with your pens.

The bundle includes free world wide shipping all around the world

Limited quantity available so don't miss out.

18,99 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Ink December

December is an ink-only bundle so you have enough inks for your new pens you might acquire during the holidays ;-)
This bundle contains 7 different inks and ships free all around the world.
Diamine 30ml Syrah, Diamine 30ml Majestic Blue

J. Herbin 10ml: Vert Empire, Rouge Caroubier, Bleu Myosotis, Violett, Coffeebrown

All of the inks are carefully packed. You can add more items to your bundle if you like and if it is still in the weight limit of the free shipping we will refund you the additional shipping cost.

23,99 €

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Pilot Parallel November Bundle

This bundle contains of two Pilot Parallels of your choice with a 12 colour ink mix. The two available sets are:
Set 1: 1.5mm (red) and 2.4mm (orange) + 12 colour ink mix
Set2: 3.8mm (green) and 6.0mm (blue) + 12 colour ink mix

Each Parallel Pen is shipped in a box and contains 2 ink cartridges, Pipette for cleaning the pen unit, Nib cleaner and instructions and care guide.

The bundle is of course including free world wide shipping.

You can always add more items to your order. If everything is still under 480gr. you will get a refund of the charged shipping.

29,99 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Back to Basic October Bundle

This bundle contains the lovely new Pelikan Twist in "Girly Rose" with a signature Pelikan M Nib. As well you will receive a Leuchtturm1917 A6 hardcover notebook in dotted. Of course we will add a little extra something to surprise you. The whole bundle ships for 25€ all around the world. You can add other itmes to the order and we will check if it still stays in the weight limit for the free shipping. Otherwise additional shipping charges might apply. If not, we will refund you the charged shipping on additional items.

25,00 €

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August Switch it up Petrol style bundle EF and M Nib

The August bundle is all about switching it up Petrol style.
This bundle contains the Online "Switch plus" fountain pen in Petrol with a black iridium EF Nib and a stylus tip at the end. The bundle contains an exchangeable grip section with a silver iridium M nib, as well as a converter and online ink. The online "Kombi" ink cartridges can also be used for Lamy fountain pens and all pens that use standard international cartridges. 

Online offers a free App ( to learn how to write calligraphy. The app is available in German and English and can be used with the stylus tip of the "Switch plus".
The overall lenght of the fountain pen is 15cm.

Uncapped it has a weight of 13gramm (including one large cartridge)

Capped 21 gramm including one large cartridge

Length uncapped 14 cm

Overall the bundle offers you to choose between your prefered nib size. Especially with Lamy not delivering EF Nibs to the international market anymore, this might be the perfect substitute.

29,90 €

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July Stola III Bundle

The July bundle has everything you need for your Pelikan starter journey. The Stola III is a metal fountain pen with a signature Pelikan stainless steel M Nib. To get you started right away the bundle contains of the fountain pen, ink and 2 notebooks.
As usual there will be an extra surprise in every bundle.  Free world wide shipping is of course included in the price. Don't miss out on this great chance order yours now and it will ship out on the third of July


Das July Bündel hat alles was man braucht um in die Pelikan Welt einzusteigen. Der Stola III is ein guter Einsteiger Füller aus mehrfach legiertem Metal mit einer Stainless steel M Feder. Damit du direkt los schreiben kannst ist natürlich Tinte und Papier direkt im Bündel enthalten. Der Preis  ist bereits mit Versandkosten.  Verpass nicht dieses tolle Bündle. Bestelle es schon jetzt und es wird direkt am 3. Juli versand.

29,90 €

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June Super5 Bundle

Free world wide shipping

June Super5 Bundle includes a Super5 0.5mm caligraphy nib in your choice of Dublin (dark green) or Australia (maroon) with converter and matching ink sample.

To get you started right away there will be bound paper included into the offer. Don't miss out on this great offer.

Super5 is a German pen which has a special 0.5mm caligraphy nib and is perfect to write in 5x5 grid. It is perfect for precise writing and even has some line variation to it. The fountain pen has a special feed in it which never skips and guarantees a steady flow of ink at any time.

29,90 €

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May Herbination Bundle

The May bundle has a J.Herbin clear demonstrator with converter in it, as well as a Lihit Lab A6 Notebook with 70 sheets. Additionaly there will be 3 matching ink samples and a variety of other inks and papers, as well as another notepad and another fountain pen.

Free world wide shipping

39,90 €

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